What We Do

Our world-class team is constantly designing and introducing  the next evolution of global, mass participation events. Our network extends across every continent, specializing in creating and managing festivals, sports competitions, road rallies, running and obstacle racing events.

Our pride, is bringing your idea to life, everything from event product development, branding, marketing, community management, licensing, merchandising, to permitting, staff recruitment, event planning: operations, logistics and financial management.


Product Development - Conceptualizing your event to achieve perfect market fit, with maximum resonance with today audience of every generation., 

Event Production - Developing a robust operational and logistical plan that is efficient, cost-effective and capable of rapid scaling both locally and internationally.


Nothing is more important that a brand that conveys your events concept without the need for an explanation. We will create and drive your brand to perk the interest of your target audience, evolving your identity as the event matures and your community grows.

Experience and Vibe

Our mission is leaving your audience happy and wanting more, a journey that begins months before, and ends months after, your event.  Our sole focus is delivering an event experience with engagement opportunities and environment that delivers on all the pillars of your brand.


The foundation of any events is growing a solid, highly engaged local and international audience. We do this by leveraging your brand with our international network to achieve expansion rapidly in line with your ambitions.


Our teams of former military intelligence, operations and logistics experts turned event professionals, have over 15 years of global events experience and over 120 years of combined military service. 

We have the most competent, professional and dedicated team that will deliver your world class event on time, to your expectation, regardless of the conditions or circumstances.


First we capture your audience's attention, then we win their hearts, and their following. We have built more than 10 event to a global level and our team is acutely attuned to the demands, and difficulties, of establishing an event in today's crowded event space.


We operate on the global stage and will leverage your brand with our extensive international network of operating partners, licensors, sponsors, service providers and suppliers to ensure your event gains traction rapidly.